Point of No Return (1993)

Australialainen aulajuliste. Tukevaa julistepaperia. A movie poster (day bill) from Australia. Sturdy movie poster paper.



Japanilainen aulajuliste. Skannattuna julisteen molemmat puolet. A movie flyer from Japan. Scanned both sides of the flyer.



Saksalainen aulajulisteiden sarja. Keskivahvaa valokuvapaperia. Koko on A4, paitsi kaksi isompaa julistetta koossa 41,8 cm x 29,7 cm. A complete lobby card set from Germany. Medium strength photographic paper. Size is A4 except there are two bigger cards sized at 41,8 cm x 29,7 cm.


Saksalainen aulajuliste. Julistepaperia. Koko on 30 cm x 40 cm. A movie poster from Germany. Regular poster papeṛ. Size is 30 cm x 40 cm.